We are Fidel and Diana Moreno, owners and operators of Quantum Coffee Roasters. We are full time teachers in San Antonio, Tx. teaching Physics and Math, respectively. Besides having a passion for education, we also have a passion for finding the best green coffee that can be sourced and roasting it just right.  


Our Story - The Teacher Becomes The Student

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a coffee lover. I just never realized that I was in love with bad coffee. Little did I know that a student of mine would soon turn my coffee loving world inside out!

One day in class, a student of mine asked me if I would be interested in sampling some coffee he had roasted. Being completely intrigued and surprised that anyone would roast their own coffee, I responded with a quick yes! I'll have to admit that I was not completely impressed. The coffee didn't taste like my typical coffee of choice. You know, the kind with the mermaid on the label. However, not wanting to waste perfectly free coffee, I drank the rest of the coffee samples over the course of the next few days. I wanted to give the freshly roasted stuff a fair shot, but I anxiously awaited the switch back to my tried and true coffee. I'll never forget how that first sip of what I once so eagerly craved had evolved into what I'd have to describe as burnt nastiness in a cup! I had experienced the true flavors that coffee had to offer besides dark, darker, and darkest! I was hooked on freshly roasted coffee that hadn't been burnt down to its carbon backbone.

I was learning the science of how to roast my own coffee by the end of the school year. I purchased my student's espresso machine, grinder and coffee roaster when he went off to college. Just like he did, I started giving away samples of my own roasted coffee and soon started selling it as the demand grew. We started up Quantum Coffee Roasters out of our kitchen, and with lots of love and attention to detail, we have turned it into a great little coffee roasting business.